Numerous studies have confirmed that professional players have incredible reaction, speed and attention.
However, this time the confirmation of the difficulty of our sport suddenly came from an unexpected side.
The American space agency NASA conducted a large study and found that the most difficult sport that
a person can play at a professional level is table tennis. According to the agency's research, its
difficulty is due to the fact that the extraordinary level of physical training of athletes should be
combined with highly developed intelligence.
As a result of table tennis classes, according to NASA, skills are developed such as the ability to maintain
high speed for a long time, excellent balance, as well as a number of reflexes that help you think about
where the ball will be now. Other abilities that professional tennis players acquire are the shortest time
required for a reaction, the maximum level of concentration, as well as a high degree of coordination
between the hands and senses (mainly the eyes).
As a result of its research, NASA unconditionally recommends that everyone engage in table tennis.